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IUser Interface

Represents a user

Namespace:  AdiIRCAPI
Assembly:  AdiIRCAPI (in AdiIRCAPI.dll) Version: (
public interface IUser

The IUser type exposes the following members.

Public propertyChannels
Retrive all channels this IUser is in
Public propertyHasVoice
Get weither user has IChannel voice (+)
Public propertyHost
Get user hostname
Public propertyIdent
Get user ident
Public propertyIsAway
Get weither user is away
Public propertyIsHalfOperator
Get weither user is IChannel half operator (%)
Public propertyIsOperator
Get weither user is IChannel operator (@)
Public propertyIsOwner
Public propertyIsPOperator
Get weither user is IChannel special operator (!)
Public propertyNick
Get user nick
Public propertyRealName
Get user realname
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