#4641 Dcc resume position should be validated
#4640 Incoming transfers with filesize bigger than an existing file should be ignored/not resumeable
#4639 $get() $send() .status and .secs properties returns wrong values in some cases
#4638 $get(-1) $send(-1) returns wrong item in some cases
#4637 $filename is not set during CTCP events
#4636 Add missing scripting event on PLAYEND
#4184 Issues/observations related to DCC

3.6 Beta Build (2019/07/10 UTC)

#4635 Add missing identifier $urlget
#4634 Server login doesn't work unless login method is set to none
#4633 /else /elseif without a preceding /if should shown an error
#4632 $zip() add missing parameters
#4631 Statusbar/Toolbar transfer progress bar should be 0% while not transfering
#4630 /server add missing parameter -key
#4629 Add a separate server password field in the serverlist Servers tab when adding/editing servers for one network

3.6 Beta Build (2019/06/30 UTC)

Fixed /topic with no parameters should show the current topic