Fixed /dns should only show all IPv4 addresses
Fixed some more issues with case sensitivity in $bfind()

3.7 Beta Build (2019/11/15 UTC)

Possibly fixed some issues where automatically check for updates is not working
Fixed TAB order in $input()
Fixed /set /dec /inc -s shows wrong text in some cases
Fixed /set -u should show unset text
#4756 IRCv3 CAPS are not working properly on some networks
#4755 /bset doesn't work with some characters
#4754 Scrolling the text area can in some cases cause a crash
#4753 Raw 338 returns incorrect results on bahamut ircd
#4752 /dcc ssend is not working properly
#4751 /hsave is slow with large tables
#4750 Add new variable $status for window titlebars
#4749 Reverting to a previous Topic should move the new topic to the top of the Topic history
#4748 Add copy/open link right-click menus to Highlights/Private/Notice Monitor Panels
#4747 /window -e should focus the Editbox
#4746 /set /var -B is not working properly with large numbers
#4745 $hfind() add new parameter 'N'
#4744 $bfind() add missing property .textcs
#4743 $bfind() $hfind() should be case insensitive
#4742 /dns should show all resolved ip addresses
#4741 Add missing identifier $sslcertvalid

3.7 Beta Build (2019/11/03 UTC)

Dummy release