4.1 Beta Build (2021/09/22 UTC)

Fixed $date() should allow uppercase z timezone variables
#5394 Quotes are not removed properly when doing %var = ""
#5393 using /splay during on MP3END doesn't work properly
#5392 /color -r does not reset colors properly
#5391 $strip() add new parameter "t" to strip strikethrough control codes
#5390 Add support for strikethrough control character
#5389 /filter -r is one line off
#5387 New connect popup default options are not intuitive
#5386 Non connecting top level Treebar node is drawn incorrectly in tree lines mode

4.1 Beta Build (2021/08/25 UTC)

Fixed /advertise should show a error on non channel/private windows
Fixed $keychar returns wrong value during on KEYDOWN/KEYUP events
Possibly fixed an issue where config files can become corrupted
Fixed Switchbar border is not sized correctly
#5385 Invalid emoticons regex patterns can cause a crash
#5384 $$! identifiers are not evaluated correctly in some cases
#5383 $address is missing for servers in SNOTICE events
#5382 $mouse.* variables returns a one off value in some cases
#5381 /window x y w h parameters are not validated correctly
#5380 /window +d is missing the taskbar window titlebar text
#5379 /drawtext -c is not clipping properly
#5378 $eventtarget() add new parameter "nick"
#5377 Channel modes in channel window titles are not always updated in real time
#5376 Add ability to hide the new connect popup dialog with a preferred default
#5375 $hfind(,wW) should perform both "w" and "W" matches
#5374 Add IChannel.Users, IServer.Users, IServer.Channels Plugin interfaces which are proper list objects
#5373 Add IChannel.Nicklist Plugin interface to retrieve nicks and selected nicks
#5372 Add EatData argument for NotifyUserOnline/NotifyUserOffline Plugin APIs
#5371 Add ByServer argument for all ServerChannelMode Plugin APIs
#5370 Add missing command /closemsg
#5369 Some characters may not be displayed correctly in the Channel List dialog

4.1 Beta Build (2021/08/05 UTC)

Possibly fixed a rare crash on server disconnect
Removed unnecessary option "Open server history/favorites/quick connect in a new window"
Added new script editor to aliases/menus/nicklist buttons
Fixed some more syntax highlight issues in the new editor
Possibly fixed an issue where Identd requests is shown in the wrong server window
Fixed clicking emoticons in the emoticons dialog doesn't work properly
#5368 Switchbar rows is not always displayed correctly
#5367 Modifying Serverlist should not change the preferred nick on connected servers
#5366 Change all connect menus/buttons to use a popup dialog chosing connecting in current or new connection
#5364 Dialogs text id doesn't get hidden under a tab
#5363 $bfind().regex does not populate $regml() properly
#5362 /did -i [n] parameter is not validated correctly
#5361 /bset & returns an incorrect error
#5360 "On Top" window system menu can sometimes be shown twice
#5359 $did([name],id,[N]).csel is not returning total number of checked lines
#5358 "Search for" under logs does not remain empty when last searched for -empty-
#5356 on SERVERMODE uses local instead of remote server
#5355 $regsubex() & \0
#5354 Add option to set expire date for generated client certificate files
#5331 $target returns wrong value in some events
#5043 $keyval in on keydown returns incorrect value

4.1 Beta Build (2021/06/23 UTC)

Added some context for syntax highlighting expression operators in the new editor
Fixed some more syntax highlight issues in the new editor
#5352 CTRL + K color dialog is not DPI aware
#5351 /hop doesn't part channels correctly in some cases
#5349 Broken custom main icon can cause a about dialog crash
#5348 Loading themes in Theme manager can cause a crash in some cases
#5346 $editbox() add new parameter "editor"
#5345 /editbox add new parameter -E
#5344 Add option to set context for custom shorcuts
#5343 Add filter/search field in Options -> Shortcuts
#5342 Scale Options -> Shortcuts datagrids with options dialog size
#5341 Add support for IRCv3 005 token UTF8ONLY
#5340 Add Mixxx now playing support
#5339 Add new identifier $fupdate
#5338 $nickcolor variable doesn't work for user message prefix
#5337 #channel links in Server/Channel Monitor Panels are not parsed correctly
#5336 Topic changes from servers doesn't work properly
#5335 Server right-click menu should show "Disconnect" while auto re-connecting
#5334 $longip() returns incorrect values
#5333 Add .type property for $did() to return the ID type
#5332 Passive DCC SEND is not working properly
#5330 $ialmark() returns wrong value in some cases
#5328 Saving Monitor Panels data can cause a crash in some cases
#5327 Treebar show tree lines mode can cause a crash on some systems
#5326 Add Serverlist option to track users away status per network

4.1 Beta Build (2021/05/23 UTC)

Added operators and properties colors to new script editor
Fixed old script editor should paste plain text only
Fixed script editor scrollbar/cursor position is not restored properly
Fixed script editor background/text color is not updated in real time
Fixed some more syntax highlight issues in the new editor
#5325 /var incorrectly removes commas in some cases
#5324 $mask() crashes with some parameters
#5323 $$1 in popups doesn't hide the line (and the following ones) when nick ($$1) is not selected
#5322 on RAWMODE/SERVERMODE halting doesn't work in some cases
#5321 Manually joining channels incorrectly minimizes the window in some cases
#5320 Allow customizing Editbox CTRL + ENTER, ALT + ENTER shortcuts
#5319 Channel List horizontal scrollbar is not visible in some cases
#5318 Add missing standard shortcuts to the new script editor
#5317 Option -> Colors grid is not DPI aware
#5316 Period date/time variables uses the wrong timestamp
#5315 menus.ini doesn't save on changes
#5312 Plugin API Channel.GetUsers should use IChannelUser instead of IUser
#5311 Plugin API OnChannelKick doesn't work
#5310 Add new Script Editor shortcut CTRL + M to go to the matched bracket or parenthese
#5309 Last character is removed when there is a missing trailing CTCP/ACTION delimiter in messages
#5308 Options -> Colors color grid is drawn incorrectly in some cases

4.1 Beta Build (2021/04/10-1 UTC)

Fixed various syntax highlight issues in the new editor
Fixed an issue where script editor accidentally deleted the message font
Fixed a crash related to /timer

4.1 Beta Build (2021/04/10 UTC)

Added very experimental new script editor with syntax highlight support which can be enabled in the options menu
Fixed Mark As Read and Mark Server As Read are sometimes disabled incorrectly
Possibly fixed a crash related to invalid/broken gifs when using inline images
Possibly fixed a crash related to /timer on exit
#5307 SASL SCRAM auth should be tried on IRCv3.1 server even if support is not advertised
#5306 $ircv3caps() can cause a crash in some cases
#5305 Add channel favorites to the Toolbar Channel List icon menu
#5304 Private /me messages uses the wrong display nick when "echo-message" is enabled
#5303 /slap should show an error when used in a status/custom window
#5302 Color nicks in messages uses the wrong channel modes to find a rule
#5301 Emoticons uses wrong trigger priority
#5300 Identd server is not listening properly on ipv6 addresses
#5299 Remove Deezer now playing support since it doesn't work anymore

4.1 Beta Build (2021/03/19 UTC)

Dummy release