Fixed script editor background/text color is not updated in real time
Fixed some more syntax highlight issues in the new editor
#5312 Plugin API Channel.GetUsers should use IChannelUser instead of IUser
#5311 Plugin API OnChannelKick doesn't work
#5310 Add new Script Editor shortcut CTRL + M to go to the matched bracket or parenthese
#5309 Last character is removed when there is a missing trailing CTCP/ACTION delimiter in messages
#5308 Options -> Colors color grid is drawn incorrectly in some cases

4.1 Beta Build (2021/04/10-1 UTC)

Fixed various syntax highlight issues in the new editor
Fixed an issue where script editor accidentally deleted the message font
Fixed a crash related to /timer

4.1 Beta Build (2021/04/10 UTC)

Added very experimental new script editor with syntax highlight support which can be enabled in the options menu
Fixed Mark As Read and Mark Server As Read are sometimes disabled incorrectly
Possibly fixed a crash related to invalid/broken gifs when using inline images
Possibly fixed a crash related to /timer on exit
#5307 SASL SCRAM auth should be tried on IRCv3.1 server even if support is not advertised
#5306 $ircv3caps() can cause a crash in some cases
#5305 Add channel favorites to the Toolbar Channel List icon menu
#5304 Private /me messages uses the wrong display nick when "echo-message" is enabled
#5303 /slap should show an error when used in a status/custom window
#5302 Color nicks in messages uses the wrong channel modes to find a rule
#5301 Emoticons uses wrong trigger priority
#5300 Identd server is not listening properly on ipv6 addresses
#5299 Remove Deezer now playing support since it doesn't work anymore

4.1 Beta Build (2021/03/19 UTC)

Dummy release