Latest stable: AdiIRC 3.1
Release date: 12 June 2018
Release notes: 3.1

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3.1 released
June 12th, 2018
3.1 released Some new features in this release: Added option to download and show inline images/animated gifs in the text area Added support for CHALLENGE AUTH login method (HMAC-SHA-256 and HMAC-SHA-1). More..

3.0 released
January 17th, 2018
3.0 released AdiIRC is now close to fully IRCv3 compliant. The Monitor Panels can now be pinned to any side and auto-hide (previous pinned method is renamed to locked).. More..

2.9 released
August 26th, 2017
2.9 released Some notable new features in this release Added completely new Plugin API with many new/better events, thanks to SReject, RandomReader and MoonWolf for helping making this API, see More..

2.8 released
May 28th, 2017
2.8 released This is mostly a bug fix release of many long standing bugs and missing scripting features. A few new features in this release: Added option to show/hide Treebar arrow icons Added right-click. More..

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