Changed ALT+A favorites shortcut to ALT+J
Fixed /if /while /elseif is still not comparing properly for some numeric values
Fixed disabling sounds should stop all /splay players
Fixed muting sounds should mute all /splay players
Fixed $atan, $asin, $log, $log10 still returns incorrect value in some cases
#4316 /clear "Status Window" doesn't work
#4315 /dialog -u/-uk is not selecting properly on the "list" item
#4314 /dialog "icon" item parameters are not evaluated correctly
#4313 on DIALOG "sclick" event is sometimes triggered incorrectly for the "list" item
#4312 Add sound folders options
#4311 /splay seek should retain pause status
#4310 Add missing identifier $sound
#4309 /dialog should prioritize tables in other script files according to loaded script file order
#4308 /did -g can cause a crash
#4307 $inmidi $inwave $insong returns incorrect values in some cases
#4306 $inmidi.fname $inwave.fname can cause a crash
#4305 /vol mute is not carried over into the queue list
#4304 /vol range should be validated
#4303 $vol() returns incorrect value
#4302 on DIALOG init/active/close events should check against id parameter '0'
#4301 $did(,,0) should return the selected item for the "combo" item
#4300 /dialog "size" item does not work properly with invalid spacing
#4299 /filter -s doesn't work when used for output window
#4298 Some DCC file transfers are locked and cannot be read/viewed while transfering
#4297 /splay -q is not working properly with different file types
#4296 /splay stop/skip with no player specified should stop/skip all players
#4295 $encode(,h) does not encode unicode characters properly
#4294 $1text should only extract the text after the last number

3.3 Beta Build (2018/12/11 UTC)

Possibly fixed another issue with nick column size
Fixed $str can cause a crash when out of memory
Fixed some more issues with spaces in identifiers/aliases
Fixed some more $biton, $bitoff, $isbit, $not issues
Fixed check brackets in Script Editor does not show the file is edited
Fixed some more $cb issues
Fixed $address doesn't work
#4293 $encode/$decode add new parameter 'x'
#4292 Proxy password box should be masked
#4291 $dll $dllcall should add .dll file extension if extension is missing
#4290 $tan $tanh $sinh $sin $atan $atan2 $asin $acos $cos $cosh $log $log10 $sqrt can return incorrect value in some cases
#4289 Clicking the picture area in a picwin should activate the window
#4287 $1text should return $null if $1 is $null
#4286 Deprecate and remove output from $encrypt since is not secure/accurate enough
#4285 /sockwrite add missing parameter -a
#4284 $round is not rounding correctly in some cases
#4283 $findfile/$finddir should not return consecutive spaces in filenames
#4282 /unset add missing parameters -l -g
#4281 /set add missing parameter -g
#4280 $onpoly can cause a crash with some parameters
#4279 /server -m ipv6 addres in [ ] brackets is not parsed correctly
#4278 Add bubble-babble for the sha2 hash in the Server Certificate dialog
#4277 /hadd crashes with some parameters
#4276 /drawline does not work properly with multiple and half coordinates
#4275 /load /reload add missing parameter -aN
#4274 $encode add missing N parameter
#4273 /var in the Editbox should show an error
#4271 /if /while /elseif $iif isletter operator can cause a crash
#4270 /exit -r /restart should ask to close
#4269 Custom CTCP events is not triggered correctly in some cases
#4268 $feof and $fopen().eof returns incorrect value in some cases
#4267 $fread(,&binvar) returns incorrect result
#4266 Picture Windows bitmap is not resized in some cases
#4265 on CLOSE with the ^ prefix doesn't work
#4264 $did().cstate returns wrong value in some cases
#4263 RAW 308, 309 is not displayed correctly
#4262 Allow query strings without leading "/" character in ts3server:// links
#4261 /var /set arithmetic division returns incorrect result in some cases
#4260 /sockudp writing to multiple targets in the same scope doesn't work
#4259 $did returns incorrect value on "edit" items in some cases
#4258 Links with domains using the "_" characters is not validated correctly
#4257 Identifiers/Aliases should show an error if an &binvar doesn't exist
#4256 $decode(,m) does not work on some invalid inputs
#4255 $sha* $md5 $hmac should show an error if a file doesn't exist or cannot be opened
#4254 $base with decimals does not return correct values
#4253 $upper $lower returns wrong value in some cases
#4252 "Indent format on Exit" option can overwrite files in Alias Editor
#4251 Channel Editor topic preview doesn't show emojis
#4249 $shortfn() should add relative path
#4248 /if /while /elseif is not comparing properly for some numeric values
#4247 Paths starting with "\" should be relative to the system drive
#4246 /filter -n is zero based instead of one based
#4245 /bset should show out of memory error instead of crashing
#4243 Ignoring highlights with match text doesn't work properly
#4169 $calc and other $math identifiers
#4168 $encrypt/$decrypt if password parameter is $null, contains codepoint 128+, or longer than 56 bytes
#2258 Decryption fails with $decrypt

3.3 Beta Build (2018/11/20 UTC)

Restored UTF8 BOM header for client files
Removed artificial limit from $str
#4241 Some extremely long lines may not be visible in the text area
#4240 $calc $calcint should return 0 when divided by zero

3.3 Beta Build (2018/11/18 UTC)

Fixed SHIFT + UP/DOWN on single line Editbox doesn't work properly
Added a sanity check for the PCRE engine on startup, if it's not working,
fallback to .NET engine
Fixed $calc still crashes on some operators when using very large numbers
#4239 The .NET 2.0 version crashes on startup on Windows XP
#4238 Disabling sounds should disable /beep /splay and Notify online/offline sounds
#4237 Temporary mute sounds should mute all sounds including /beep /splay highlights and notify online/offline
#4236 Identifiers in $calc without spaces are not evaluated properly
#4235 /bcopy when N is -1, bytes should be copied to the end of the &binvar
#4234 $calc should stop processing when encountering a invalid character
#4233 /filter add missing parameter -z
#4232 Remove custom SHIFT + HOME shortcut from script editor since it's not working properly
#4231 Aliases are sometimes not trimmed correctly
#4230 Add option to Indent Format scripts/aliases/menus on exit
#4229 CTCP event should trigger for DCC requests
#4228 Messages with @account message tags are silently ignored
#4227 Adding new network in the Serverlist should add network name when the dropdown closes
#4226 $scriptline returns wrong value in some cases for aliases
#4225 Edit Scripts/Aliases/Other files should have a trailing newline
#4224 Add new shortcut ALT + J to open Favorites
#4223 Add "View" menu in Script Editor and ALT + 1-9 shortcuts
#4222 Add new identifiers $sslcertremotesha1 $sslcertremotesha256
#4221 Save and restore vertical/horizontal scrollbar and cursor positions for all scripts/aliases/menus/other editors
#4220 Font weight in select Nicklist font dialog should be disabled
#4219 $address() returns incorrect value in some cases
#4218 $myhost $myident variables are empty in some cases
#4217 $osinfo add support for Windows LTSB/IoT/Mobile/Pro Workstation
#4216 Script/Alias Editor new file/script should use default folder and extension as the current file
#4215 Files should never be written with UTF8 BOM header
#4214 $timer().delay .secs .reps returns incorrect value in some cases
#4213 /google add new -d parameter to allow searching duckduckgo
#4212 $color should be limited to 99 colors
#4211 /editbox can cause a crash with some invalid parameters
#4210 /window add $chr(4)/rgb color support to the listbox
#4209 Change Script Editor toggle script list shortcut to CTRL + SHIFT + R
#4208 Invalid Treebar icons can cause a crash
#4207 $bvar(,0) should return 0 for invalid binvars
#4206 /bread does not work on locked files
#4205 $gmt $asctime $ctime $time $timezone $daylight returns incorrect results in some cases
#4204 $ord returns incorrect result in some cases
#4203 $ocolor add new property .hex
#4202 $ocolor with some invalid parameters can cause a crash
#4201 0x should be stripped from $base 16 input
#4200 $xor, $and, $or, $biton, $bitoff, $abs, $not returns incorrect result with some parameters
#4199 Extend $base to larger bases
#4198 $base add missing parameter "precision"
#4197 Extend $xor $and $or to work on bigger numbers
#4196 Add new identifier $calcint
#4195 Script errors in custom windows should be shown in the server window
#4194 /filter to a "outfile" should have a trailing newline
#4193 /filter "outfile" parameter is not parsed correctly in some cases
#4192 "Check brackets" in Script Editor should retain scrollbar position
#4191 $base doesn't work with some very large numbers
#4190 Add missing /! Editbox command which should restore the previous line
#4189 $cb(-1) should return all lines
#4188 $cb() add missing parameters u and %var|&binvar
#4186 The right to left special character should be ignored in the message area
#4185 /bwrite add missing parameters -a -c
#4183 Alt + TAB from/to AdiIRC does not restore Options dialog focus on some systems
#4182 Change all build dates in both AdiIRC and the website to UTC format and include "UTC" to indicate the time zone
#4181 /google does not work after layout was changed
#4180 Add the scroll Editbox history and scroll one message line shortcuts to Options -> Shortcuts
#4179 /bset -c can cause a crash
#4178 Enable "Use alternative text rendering" by default for better compatibility

3.3 Beta Build (2018/11/01 UTC)

Filtered out some characters which can cause Windows Toasts to crash
#4177 $bytes(,3).suf shows GB instead of TB
#4176 /breplace should replace the last uneven old value with previous new value
#4175 Add "Options" menu item to Menubar -> "Tools"
#4174 Rename Options -> Fonts to Fonts & Size to avoid confusions
#4173 /if /else /elseif /while with double slashes doesn't work properly
#4172 /bwrite does not zero pad correctly with large positions
#4171 $sha256, $sha384, $sha512 returns wrong value when the N parameter is missing
#4170 Own nick is sometimes shown twice in the Nicklist
#4167 Channel Editor does not take multibyte characters into account when enforcing topic max length
#4164 Highlight/Selecting inline images causes them to be drawn blurry
#4163 Spaces are sometimes incorrectly removed in scripts
#4162 /filer [infile] parameter doesn't work with quotes
#4161 /breplace is slow when replacing large binvars
#4160 $hfind is slow when using regex search on large values
#4159 /did -a should scroll to bottom for "edit" items
#4158 Desktop windows are sometimes restored in the wrong location after minimize
#4157 Dialogs are not always associated with a server window
#4156 /reload /load script changed monitor is not always cleared
#4155 /sockwrite should ignore closed connections
#4154 /bset -1 should append data to the end of the binvar
#4153 /tokenize doesn't work with an empty text parameter
#4152 $ip $host can cause a crash in some cases
#4151 /socklisten is not associated with a server window
#4150 /sockread buffer is too small when reading from SSL/TLS sockets
#4148 Add support for LINELEN
#4147 Allow using a rectangle to copy text when pressing SHIFT

3.3 Beta Build (2018/10/14 UTC)

Possibly fixed an issue where Nickcolumn is incorrectly moved
Possibly fixed a crash related to drawing Nicklist during a channel rejoin
#4146 Add Editbox right-click menu to see/clear history
#4145 Add option to show a line marker icon when the unread line marker is not in view
#4143 Add option to always rejoin auto channel on reconnect
#4141 $file().mtime, $file().atime, $file().ctime should be in UTC time
#4139 Inline Image downloads should use a fake browser agent
#4138 /halt in the $findfile() $finddir() command should be ignored
#4137 $query().cid $chan().cid returns incorrect result
#4136 AdiIRC crashes while select a text for copy in clipboard when Windows Toast is enabled
#4134 Pinned Monitor Panels are sometimes closed too early
#4133 Add Locked/Pinned right-click menus to the Monitor Panel Tab Control
#4132 Add new identifier $iswine
#4131 Revert "Notices should be shown in the associated window if it's open" to show in active/server window
#4130 Channel Editor autocomplete topic interferes with changing casing
#2857 /drawcopy -t doesn't work properly

3.3 Beta Build (2018/10/01 UTC)

#4129 Periodical Media Player detection can cause user interface lag
#4128 AdiIRC doesn't restart the timer when that timer is paused
#4127 Changing Opacity can cause a crash on some systems
#4126 Some invalid regular expressions can cause a crash
#4125 Use small unread line marker is shown in the wrong position in some cases
#4124 $left/$right/$mid doesn't work with some invalid parameters
#4123 Add option to use Windows Toast Notifications instead of Tips
#4122 Changelog is not html decoded in update dialog
#4120 Add help button to the Quick Connect Dialog and bring the interface in line with other dialogs
#4119 Channel windows should close on single click when "Keep open on part" is enabled
#4118 Add new Treebar/Switchbar right-click menu item "Part" when "Keep open on part" is enabled
#4117 Parentheses inside identifiers are not always properly checked for balance
#4116 PART/QUIT does not update the Statusbar user count in the active window
#4115 /part add new parameter -k
#4114 /if /elseif /while $?="" with parentheses doesn't work properly
#4113 Changing Monitor Panels font can cause a crash in some rare cases
#4112 Remove default first row selection in Monitor Panels since it can be distracting
#4111 Treebar scroll is in wrong location after closing a window (any treebar item)
#4110 Caps ls/new/deleted messages are not shown correctly

3.3 Beta Build (2018/09/13 UTC)

Fixed opening Add/Edit Nick colors/Highlights/Nick icons causes a crash