Fixed a single # should not be a channel link
Fixed a crash when smooth scrolling was disabled in Script Editor
Fixed selecting text when using on HOTLINK scripts doesn't always work
Fixed opening Options can sometimes cause a crash
#3223 $COM(N) returns index
#3222 Closing undocked Treebar or Nicklist monitor panel using the header close button doesn't work
#3221 Allow ignoring Monitor Panels by network:channel
#3220 Add option to ignore channel/query messages for current active window in Monitor Panels
#3219 Add option to exclude duplicate messages in Monitor Panels
#3218 /list parameters should update the filter settings in Channel List
#3217 Some font weight options are not restored properly

2.7 Beta Build (2017/01/21)

Fixed on HOTLINK doesn't trigger in some cases
Fixed deleting a theme in Theme manager doesn't remove the theme from the new Treebar
Fixed Options -> Icons path is not always validated correctly
Fixed some more DCC resume issues
Fixed removing a item from the new Treebar should select the next item
Added new Treebar to Rawlog
#3216 /window -wN does not restore the Switchbar color
#3215 $window().sbstate returns wrong value in some cases
#3214 $regsubex parameter is not always evaluated correctly
#3213 Global Nicklist is not always synced after restoring main window from system tray
#3212 Switchbar separator is sometimes missing
#3211 Clicking Add/Edit/Remove channel/server in Serverlist can cause a crash
#3210 Add option to highlight lines matching the hovering nick
#3209 Main icon lacks 128x128 256x256 sizes
#3208 Theme manager should select the current theme/scheme when opened
#3207 Sending long messages should try split at word boundaries
#3206 $iif should show an error if expression is empty
#3205 Add "type to find" to new Treebar
#3204 Commented menu items are not always stripped
#2715 After using the minimize all windows function, the MDI windows sometime fail to come into focus and weird behaviour
#529 MDI Windows are some times "stuck"

2.7 Beta Build (2017/01/14)

Fixed clearing Treebar background image doesn't work
Fixed Treebar close button should only close when mouse is released
Fixed Treebar selection is removed when shift + clicking to close a window
Fixed Topicbox uses the previous topic text
Added help button in Serverlist
Fixed dcc transfer window does not update text while transfering
Fixed resizing/clicking a column in the new datagrid triggers a click on the first row
Fixed changing sorted column in highlight monitor panel doesn't work
#3203 Add option to use extended list of colors for random nick colors
#3202 WHOIS: Final param in RPL_WHOISCHANNELS handled incorrectly if not trailing
#3201 Rename /cycle to /cycleall to allow the server /cycle command to work
#3199 Submenu items at the start of a menu block should have leading dots trimmed
#3198 Show current filename when searching logs in log manager
#3195 /hsave should show a error if the write failed
#3194 Nicklist monitor panel should not show custom window listbox items
#3193 Nicklist selections is sometimes wrong after nick are added/removed/changed
#3192 /copy -o doesn't work properly
#3191 "rclick", "dclick", "lbclick" mouse menu for custom windows doesn't always work
#3189 Add "mclick", "dmclick", "drclick" mouse menu for custom windows
#3188 New Treebar sometimes draws non visible nodes which could make drawing slow
#3187 /dns add new parameter -a
#3186 Clarify "Confirm closing while connected to server" is for closing AdiIRC
#3185 Highlight alerts should not be logged
#3184 Add padding around controls in Options, Serverlist, Theme manager
#3183 Add search icon to the search box in Options and Serverlist
#3182 Tabcomplete crashes when trying to tabcomplete some Unicode characters
#3181 Add option to show close icons in Script Editor
#3180 Add CTRL + C hotkey and menu item to copy the selected scripts path to clipboard in Script Editor
#3179 /url add new parameter -w
#3178 Add new identifier $emoticons
#3177 /editbox add new parameter -i
#3176 Add new Treebar to Options, Themes, Script Editor, Serverlist, Rawlog
#3175 Pressing Enter key in Nicklist should execute the Options -> Mouse command
#3174 Add missing command /hotlink
#3173 DCC resume doesn't work if the port was changed
#3172 DCC transfer monitor panel should show the renamed filename
#3171 DCC send/get/resume/accept for filenames with spaces doesn't always work properly
#3170 $hotlink add missng/new events rclick,dclick,uclick,mclick
#3169 on HOTLINK is not triggered properly
#3168 "Save As" and "Rename" menu items should be disabled when multiple files are selected in Script Editor
#3167 "Open in external editor" and "Open folder" should open all selected files in Script Editor
#3166 #$input doesn't work
#3165 on DNS halt default output does not work
#3164 $dns(0) returns wrong value with some properties
#3163 Custom windows should not use global Nicklist background image
#3162 /load /reload insert doesn't work properly
#3161 Add new identifier $updating
#3160 Monitor panel Nicklist has wrong default background color
#3159 Treebar sometimes does not properly scroll a node into view
#3158 Add menu item to clear recent files in Script Editor
#1296 DCC resume does not work

2.7 Beta Build (2017/01/01-2)

Fixed nick message prefix doesn't work properly

2.7 Beta Build (2017/01/01-1)

Fixed Treebar horizontal scrollbar option doesn't work

2.7 Beta Build (2017/01/01)

Fixed whois on private message sometimes trigger when a private window is open
Fixed Treebar/Nicklist fonts are sometimes corrupted
#3157 Dcc chat connections are not always closed correctly when the chat window is closed
#3156 Allow =$nick to be evaluated for use in dcc chat windows
#3155 on OPEN/CLOSE doesn't work properly with dcc chats
#3154 /did -s doesn't work
#3153 $chan # is sometimes $null when not connected to a server
#3152 $pos $poscs crashes with some values
#3151 /msg /say /query /me /describe doesn't work with =nicks
#3150 Matching chat windows with =nick doesn't work in all events
#3149 on CHAT event doesn't always trigger correctly
#3148 Crash on clicking channel window for unjoined channel
#3147 $asctime(z) returns wrong value on some timezones
#3146 Previous selected text are in some cases accidently copied to clipboard
#3145 Add menu to disable individual scripts in Script Editor
#3144 Remove all ALT+A, CTRL+ALT+A keybinds since they interfere with some keyboard layouts
#3143 Add Editbox tab in Options
#3142 /hsave -i does not properly clear the section before writing
#3141 Emoticons without triggers should be ignored
#3140 /toolbar add new parameter -gN
#3139 /toolbar -i should have priority over -a
#3138 $toolbar(N) doesn't work for the last item
#3137 Add CTRL + SHIFT + K hotkey to insert alternative colorchar in Editbox
#3136 Button placement issues on toolbar
#3135 CTRL + C doesn't work in filter box in Channel list
#3134 /alias should not trigger file is modified warning
#3133 /showmirc /showadiirc -n should maximize if previous state was maximized
#3132 $osedition returns wrong value on Windows RT systems
#3131 Treebar unread count doesn't always show correctly on server nodes
#3130 Add option to highlight Treebar network tab when collapsed
#3129 Select color dialog should be shown below when opened from Topicbox
#3128 Treebar network collapsed status is not saved/restored properly
#3127 Show default icon preview in icon options
#3126 Add option to disable smooth scroll in Script Editor
#3125 /window add new parameter -T[N]
#3124 /topicbox add new parameters -a -bN -eN -fN -p -v -c -k
#3123 Add new command /linemarker
#3121 /drawtext is not validated correctly with some parameters
#3094 whois signed on length.

2.7 Beta Build (2016/12/14-1)

Fixed an issue with saving serverlist

2.7 Beta Build (2016/12/14)

Fixed Channel List menu should be disabled if the current server is not connected
Fixed Nicklist nick sorting is slow
Fixed some more issues related to rawlog buffer
Added -a parameter for /showmenu
Updated the close searchbar/treebar icon
#3120 Add option to change colors for monitor panels
#3119 Add new datagrid to /logs and monitor panels
#3118 Channel editor missing unban button
#3117 Add option to set custom quit message per server in serverlist
#3116 Allow default quit message to be evaluated per server
#3114 The Edit Address of ban.
#3113 /icon are sometimes not saved to config file
#3112 Invalid lines are not always excluded correctly when parsing a script
#3111 /echo /echox add new parameters -IN -S -RN
#3110 Userhost error should be hidden on networks which doesn't support it
#3109 $window() add new properties .mscrollpos .mscrollmax
#3108 Add new event on MSCROLL
#3107 Add SHIFT + mousewheel hotkey to scroll through windows
#3106 /hinc /hdec should not reset the unset time
#3105 Serverlist should not allow duplicate channel names
#3104 /quickconnect should not be shown as a locked dialog
#3103 Nicklist is not properly reset after a bouncer disconnect/reconnect
#3102 on ACTIVE allow matching monitor panels/rawlog with ~ prefix
#3101 Add new command /showmenu
#3100 "Whois on private message" should not trigger when the message is halted
#3099 Script Editor "Alias" menu sometimes crashes
#3098 /timers off doesn't work
#1282 Log manager should save sort order

2.7 Beta Build (2016/12/05)

Fixed using rawlog buffering can cause a crash
Fixed some more crashes related to changing monitors while running
#3097 Allow SHIFT + TAB to and from Searchbox if visible
#3096 Allow SHIFT + TAB to focus the Nicklist monitor panel if visible and window Nicklist is off
#3095 The serverlist listbox should scroll when dragging networks to the edges
#3093 Allow CTRL + SPACE on a selected nick in the Editbox to open the Nicklist context menu
#3092 /icon add new parameter -b
#3090 Add option to use a flat Treebar
#3089 Add option to show close icon in Treebar
#3088 Add the Treebar monitor panel special rules for Nicklist monitor panel
#3087 /dockpanels add new parameter -i
#3086 External programs writing to the Editbox when spell cheking is enabled doesn't work
#3085 Remove limit for auto away time
#3084 Dropdowns in Options dialog should require focus before allow mouse scrolling
#3083 $window add new property .topicbox
#3082 Add new identifier $topicbox
#3014 Spellchecking is to slow on some systems

2.7 Beta Build (2016/11/24)

Enabled "Show scroll icon when scrolled up" by default
Fixed Options -> Fonts -> Reset is not working properly and allow single click to check a font weight
#3081 /editbox add new parameters -c -C
#3080 $editbox add new properties .color/.backcolor/.rgbcolor/.rgbbackcolor
#3079 Add new identifier $ocolor
#3078 Add option to ignore highlights when a message has multiple nicks
#3077 Add add/edit address/unset ban timer dialog in channel editor
#3076 Clicking Add/Edit dcc folder causes a crash
#3075 Add new operator isquiet
#3074 Add new identifier $iql
#3073 $chan/$channel add new property .iql
#3072 Add support for quiet list on some networks in channel editor

2.7 Beta Build (2016/11/19)

Fixed unread line marker doesn't work properly when pixel spacing is too small
#3071 Add useful right-click menus to Connect/Disconnect/Serverlist/Channelist icons in Toolbar
#3070 Ctrl + H to cycle highlights sometimes stops working
#3069 /toolbar -zN is not selecting the correct sized icon
#3068 RAW 346.348,367,728 is not formatted correctly

2.7 Beta Build (2016/11/17)

Add /setoption Misc UseXButtons True/False option to enable or disable changing channel windows when using the back/forward mouse buttons/touchpad
#3067 /options add new parameters -ihcn
#3066 Unread line marker is not drawn correctly when using pixel spacing
#3065 Consolidate all font options into a "Fonts" tab
#3064 $highlight() add new parameter .network
#3063 Add option to limit a highlight match to a specific network only
#3062 /icon add new parameter -o
#3061 Add option to set scroll to bottom arrow icon
#3060 Leading/Trailing hyphens should be excluded from spellchecking
#3058 Restoring channel logs can sometimes cause a crash
#3057 Add new Serverlist tab "Misc" to set Regain nick/User mode/Ban type per server
#3056 Add checkbox to toggle show password in Serverlist and make nick/alt/fullname/password textboxes wider
#3055 Add new argument -ConfigFolder <path> to AdiIRC.exe
#3054 hash table size inconsistencies
#3053 Add new identifier $songfile

2.7 Beta Build (2016/11/08)

Possibly fixed another bug related to changing display while AdiIRC is running