Updated the mirc fish revision to "727aacb" in the blowfish dll
Fixed incoming/outgoing messages should be treated as plain text in /var in the blowfish script
Fixed outgoing messages using /say are not sent properly in the blowfish script
Fixed crypt mark should have a space between the mark and the message in the blowfish script
Fixed consecutive and leading spaces doesn't work in the blowfish script/dll
Fixed when sending messages, the local /echo should use $target in the blowfish script
Fixed larger than 56 bytes keys should show a error in the blowfish script
Fixed keys with spaces should be ignored and show a error in the blowfish script
#5181 /write is slow on very large files
#5180 /write add missing switch -mN
#5179 $loop() \1 variable adds a extra whitespace
#5178 $loop() should restore $1- parameters after evaluation
#5177 $loop() should ignore fractions in start/end parameters
#5176 $urlget() add missing switch "k"
#5174 /dec /inc doesn't work properly when using negative numbers on non existent variables
#5173 /var calc, $floor, $ceil, $round, $hypot can cause a crash with very large numbers
#5172 /drawdot /drawrect some parameters does not properly ignore fractions
#5171 $window() add new property .realfontsize
#5170 $window().fontsize should return a DPI aware size
#5169 /google and /google -d search is broken
#5168 $powmod() with negative exponent causes a crash
#5167 Ban/Except/Invite list timestamp is wrong on some networks
#5165 Opening Serverlist can cause a crash in some rare cases
#5164 /part -k is not working properly
#5162 $comval() doesn't work in some cases
#5161 Add missing parameter dBytes for the LOADINFO DLL struct
#5160 Add missing identifier $ticksqpc
#5158 Tools|'Edit Variables' no longer working
#4958 Add /sockopen -I to ignore ssl errors
#4869 $hget().unset is always $null

4.0 Beta Build (2020/09/30 UTC)

Dummy release