#3361 Channel list grid should save/restore column width
#3360 /dialog add Show on Desktop/On Top menu
#3359 The higgest value of EatData from plugins should be returned to AdiIRC instead of the last
#3358 Plugin manager should only show AdiIRC plugin dll's
#3357 Spaces in identifiers is not always properly removed/preserved
#3356 nick~ is not clickable in text buffer
#3355 /if /while ">" "<" ">=" "<=" operators doesn't return correct value with some parameters
#3353 /dialog add new events mclick/dmclick/drclick for form and tabs
#3352 /dialog some sclick/dclick/uclick events are not triggered correctly
#3351 /toolbar -zN doesn't always use the correct icon
#3350 /dialog add missing parameters "small" "large" "actual" for icons
#3349 Add support for ircv3 account-tag
#3348 $ial() add missing properties .name .away
#3347 Fake transparency wallpapers should be resized according to the wallpaper fit option
#3346 Winamp now playing plugin doesn't work for portable/custom winamp
#3345 $input title is empty in some cases
#3343 /findtext /search add new parameter -x
#3342 Closing itunes when media player is set to itunes can cause a crash
#3341 $status sometimes returns wrong value
#3340 Urls captures from server lines should show the server hostname as the nick in the url catcher
#3339 $ctime is sometimes not parsed correctly
#3338 $utfencode/$utfdecode doesn't work properly
#3337 $input() using the 'm' and 'e' parameter does not include tbe first text in the dropdown
#3335 on MODE/on SERVERMODE should only trigger when channel modes is changed
#3334 Add missing identifier $mode()
#3333 Add $menuicon support for $submenu
#3332 Adiirc crash
#3331 /server add missing switches -p -f -o -c -jn [-j -n] and allow combining switches at the beginning
#3330 Treebar should remember collapsed folder status when toggling folders and showing/hiding windows
#3329 /linemarker add new parameter -g
#3328 $wildtok $wildtokcs parameters is not always validated correctly
#3327 Add missing alias /firewall
#3326 Add option to set dcc send/get buffer size
#3325 on HOTLINK does not trigger in some cases when changing word on different lines
#3324 $hotlink should include control codes
#3323 Add a copy link menu item in Url Catcher monitor panel
#3039 Adding a timeout for logging into a server

2.8 Beta Build (2017/02/15)

Fixed $line().rgbcolor returns wrong value
Fixed /echo /echox -B doesn't work properly
Fixed restoring/viewing logs should get linecolor from first control code
Fixed Treebar background image layout is not applied correctly
Fixed Rawlog Treebar uses wrong text color
Added new parameter [index] for $menuicon