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1.9.3 released
July 13th, 2014
1.9.3 released! Another massive bug fix release. Again focus has been on scripting compatibility. Mentionable new features: New highlight system with a lot more control/options. New balloon tips system. More..

Russian translations
December 3th, 2013
res87th have done a great job translating AdiIRC into Russian, you can get it here. Thanks res87th!. More..

1.9.2 released
November 30th, 2013
1.9.2 released! This is a massive bugfix release, mostly scripting bugs. Script editor have gotten a lot of attention with some new options: Initializations Warning Ask to Save Files Backup File on Save. More..

Portuguese translations
October 28th, 2013
NokTham have done a great job translated AdiIRC into Portuguese, get it here. Thanks NokTham :)). More..

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